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A lot of peaple a day discover how beautiful is flying. Real flight is way too expansive for a lot of us, so the solution is to use a flight simulator. Flight Simulation is beautiful also, but is as difficult as real one, especially if you're flying online.

It's thinking about this that we decided to create a flight school related to our virtual airline, so that our pilot, if they wnat, can be nearly as prepared as a real airline pilot.

We offer different solution for different users, our courses starts from the basic and arrive to an advanced level. We also provide a type rating like training so that if you want to leave A320 family to go to B737 you can do it easly with just a few lessons with our training department. And don't forget that, even if you are already an advanced pilot, our training department is ever up for any question!

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Our Courses

Name Lenght Requirements Objective
Private Pilot Course 10 Hours None! Get a good knowladge of aircraft systems and a basic knowladge of procedures.
Commercial Pilot Course 8 Hours Good knowladge of aircraft systems and basic knowladge of procedures. Get an advanced knowladge of aircraft systems and a good knowladge of procedures.
Airline Transport Pilot Course 5 Hours Advanced knowladge of aircraft system and good knowladge of procedures. Know and perform correctly the most useful and important aviation procedures in an advanced way.
Online Flight Course 10 Hours Advanced aircraft system and procedure knowladge. Know how to fly online in the right way and with the right fraseology.
Type Rating * Min 10 Hours each Good knowladge of general aircraft systems and procedures. Know how to perform general procedures and how to use general aircraft systems on the selected machine.

This section of the airline is currently under development, but we are sure to release it soon.
* : Enter the traing department dedicated area to see which aircrafts are currently supported