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Our Staff

X-Italy Airlines was born form an idea of two crazy peaple (Francesco Biondi and Tommaso Felici), who thought that a fully custom and user oriented airline for x-plane would make the difference. But we couldn't do anything without other two crazy founder (Matteo Baiocchi and Cristiano Cappatti) who believed in our idea and added a lot of new cool things. X-Italy Airlines was firstly launched on April 2016 and in his first operative period reached more than 60 peaples. The last part of the 2016 was a bad moment for our airline, we stopped mantaining it everyday and pilots also stopped growing. But we din't stop, we thought that was time for a refresh and started developing a new site design and a new managment system integration. On April 2017, after 1 year we set the site offline to start server migration for the new site launch. On July 2017 we finally released our new site design, and we hope you like it as much as we liked making it, for you!

Nothing of this would be possible without our beautiful staff that we wanted to introduce you in this page dedicated to their hard work.

Let me introduce you...

Francesco Biondi

CEO and Tech Department Chief

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Tommaso Felici

Social Department Chief

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Matteo Baiocchi

Graphic Department Chief

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Cristiano Cappatti

Dispach Department Chief

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Sheldon Dalziel

Training Department Chief

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position vacant

Training Department Assistant Chief

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