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Your Career

Flying as an expert pilot is beutiful, but what is even more beutiful than this? Grow up gradually in the aviation world!

And we want you to grow up in this magic world with us just like a real pilot would do. Our Virtual Airlines decided to pay a special attencion when developing our ranking system so that you can feel like a real pilot. Let's start with the lowest grade and just some aircrafts unloked, you can gradually have an higher rank with flying hours and instructor rank with a small exam. Unlock new planes by passin online automated small quiz to receive a "Type Rating" like abilitation to that machine. If you are not ready for a "Type Rating" or you just want to learn a new aircraft you can subscribe to our flight school and get the "Type Rating" just like real pilots do with real airlines. And when you will be ready we are ever open to take you onboard our training department so that you can share your knowladge with the newest pilot.

Let's grow up together, subscribe now!

Our Ranks

Rank Epaulette Hours Needed Meaning
Student Pilot 0 Hours Just arrived.
Student First Officer 50 Hours You're already flying as F/O but with a trainer.
First Officer 150 Hours Finally you are a full entitled F/O.
Student Captain 250 Hours Flying as a Captain, but still studying for this rank.
Captain 350 Hours Yes, you made it, now you are a full entitled Captain.
Senior Captain * 500 Hours * You are one of our best pilots, and we want you as an example for the comunity.

* : This rank requires an exam with our Training Department.